ETCS can offer one or a broad range of services to our clients, from sales and service of fire equipment through to risk analysis to the creation of detailed reports. Our aim is to simplify your obligations in the fire protection process for your OH&S obligations. This process involves:

  • Design
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Certification
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Reporting
  • Risk Analysis
  • Training





ETCS recognises that not all steps are relevant to all clients. ETCS provide a full scope of fire protection for industrial, commercial, residential, mining, infrastructure and health projects.

ETCS is a leader in the fire industry. We apply the approriate Australian Standards AS1851 for fire servicing and AS2293 for Emergency Lighting. We ensure our clients have the information they need to painlessly achieve and demonstrate compliance.

Our service coordinators use a web browser combined with our fully automated software to issue tasks to our workforce where applicable, who in turn have the ability to log reports immediately.

ETCS can deliver:

  • Sales - ETCS can provide all types of fire equipment from a small extinguisher to a full Addressable Fire Detection System
  • Service - ETCS are able to organise a service which will ensure all your fire equipment is maintaned efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Activities- Are scheduled as per the defined frequencies and assigned by our office staff to the technicians.
  • Defect reporting - All non-critical defects are reported onsite if not able to repair and all critical defects are reported immediately.
  • Scheduled Work – Our satellite vehicle tracking system is checked at defined periods by our service coordinators or department manager to ensure technicians have attended sites as required. Matching of all software logged in the system with the time and date are checked against Technicians jobsheets to further substantiate site attendance and activity completion.