Frequently Asked Questions

what is required for my OH&S or building compliance responsibilities?

It is law that you maintain a schedule of your essential safety and health features and measures of your building. ETCS can help you work out exactly what essential building services you require for annual compliance. This is done by obtaining your maintenance statement and working with you to highlight and identify what service segments require servicing.

We come out to meet with you onsite in most instances so we can understand your requirments and to also get an understanding of your business which enables us to give you a quote that won't scare you. 

Do I have to comply with the new workplace health and safety laws?

Yes! Every employer has an obligation under these new laws to adhere to their responsibilities for creating and maintaining a safe work environment including safe systems of work for employees and customers. We can help you identify some of the safety measures you should be adhering to within your place of work.

Are there any extra costs?

Normally none over and above our original quote however, In some instances there may be the need to carry out extra work to complete a task. This may be as simple as a thermostatic mixing valve requiring a full replacement instead of a service due to it failing. If this is the case our technicians will not continue with the work until they have explained in detail the required action to the client contact. Once authority is given only then will the repair be completed. This way you are kept in the loop with every step of our servicing structure.

Do etcs carry out all the work themselves?

As our mission statement says, "We’re different from our competitors because we self-perform most services rather than subcontracting". We can do this because we hold electrical and building practioners licenses along with requisite fire permits. Because of this you’ll benefit from increased efficiencies and savings which would otherwise be given to a sub-contractor service which in most instances would be with far greater expense. Any subcontractors which do have to be utilised are stictly in adherance to ETCS's work methods and practices.

Does ETCS carry appropriate insurances?

ETCS carry all mandatory insurances including workers comp, vehicle, professional indemnity and public liablility. Copies of these can be provided at any time.

how do I know if all the work has been completed?

Our technicians contact you upon site arrival, and when leaving the site will contact you again to advise of job status.

What if I have any failed or unsafe equipment or systems?

ETCS will log and fill out an FTR (Field technician Report) highlighting any issue. This is then given to the client contact and a discussion takes place as to the remidial action/s required.

how do i receive my test or inspection results?

ETCS provide your results electronically via excel or csv formats. We find this can be imported in most instances into our clients own asset maintenance programs if they have them. A hard copy can be provided if requested.

How do i know when i am required to have re-testing or re-inspections completed?

ETCS office staff will contact you specifically to notify you of what segments are due and when. If required they can even tell you a total number by location of your assets which are due for re-testing or inspection. As australian standards inspection and testing vary greatly depending on what service segment is required, our fully automated software "flags" us prior to the test or inspection times. We then contact you and book a mutual time to carry out the work. ETCS take away the worry of you having to know what is due or when.

How do I know i am getting value for money?

Quotes are given to new clients prior to starting any new work. This way you can compare our services and rates to that of current services providers. Like many of our client base, we have, in most instances been able to demostrate costs saving initiatives.

All our technicians are required to fill out jobs sheets and as all service work is logged into the database it is time based per inspection or test. In short we are able to marry service times to jobsheet times to ensure our technicians are accountable for the hours spent on your site. This coupled with our vehicle tracking systems (GPS) ensures you are not charged for any more time than is required. This ensures transparency accross all our servicing. These can be provided to our clients upon request.